"All theory will be
temporary, as long
as Life is Dynamic"
Carlos Buby

Templo Guaracy

Templo Guaracy is a non-profit, nondiscriminatory, apolitical, monotheistic, spiritualistic institution, which was legally founded on August 2, 1973. The objective and fundamental commitment of Templo Guaracy of Brazil is the preservation and full development of Life. In the most profound philosophical dimension, Templo Guaracy recognizes Life as being the most essential expression of the Primordial Light which, in a given moment of eternity, was fragmented, giving birth to the world of different forms of reality (which we call the "Effect of Dan").

The concept of individuation (the process by which a person becomes fully him or herself, indivisible and distinct from other persons or the collective psychology, and associated with the Holistic Principle of The Universe) has been the focus of the studies and research developed by Templo Guaracy over the last several decades. The first results obtained indicate that the bases of spiritual development are fixed in the interaction of the individual with the totality, and the objective of this development is the Synthesis of Light.

Based on this principle, it is deduced that fraternity would be easily reached, if it were not for all the complexity implicit in the personal process of internal reorganization. This process is indispensable in order for a relationship of harmony to be established with the exterior world, rather than, as it is often seen, a fanatical search for God.

Concepts such as this determined, in Templo Guaracy, the creation of a methodology for investigations related to phenomena such as Mediumship, Reincarnation, The Forces and energies of Nature, The Elements, The Orixás, The Metaphysics of Creation, Ritualistic Ethics, etc. Such themes are addressed in a free and responsible way, and those who seek to understand enter into what Templo Guaracy calls the Path of the Seeker.

Theoretical and practical investigations in the field of the mediumistic phenomenon have provided surprising results. Dedicated to this research, the mediumistic body of Templo Guaracy (TGB) comprises today some 600 initiated mediums, distributed not only at the Brazilian headquarters in São Paulo and Mataganza Cultural Center, but also in countries of Europe and North America. Today, Templo Guaracy develops maintains regular activities in Geneva (Switzerland), Paris and Strasbourg (France), Graz (Austria), Quebec (Canada), Washington, California and New York (USA), Sintra (Portugal) and Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic). These temples affiliated to TGB follow their country¹s legislation and apply TGB's original philosophical and ritualistic fundamentals.