ADOBALÉ - Reverence done by lying face down or prostrating oneself. The same as "bater cabeça"

AGÔ - Expression used to ask for permission. Term used by Entities and followers.

AGO YÁ - Positive response to the above expressions to ask for permission.

AGÔ YÊ - Expression used to ask for permission including YÊ (please).

ALABÊ - Maximum level granted to an Ogã of atabaque. Title, which authorizes him to exercise the function of coordinator of the other Ogãs. One with deep knowledge of the philosophy contained in the music and in the sacred rhythms.

ALMA (SOUL) - Quality of the Spirit. Referential factor corresponding to the spiritual plane.

AMACÍ - Extract of herbs obtained through rubbing herbs and sacred leaves after leaving them in water in "quartinhas" ( special containers or urns) in the Roncó (space consecrated for ritual meditation and retreat. Liquid used for washing the Otás, Orís, Orôs, sacred objects, etc.

APELOGUN - Leaves ritualistically consecrated to specific Orixás.

AXÉ - Term utilized in order to refer to the spiritual forces and/or the energetic vibrations contained in someone, some thing or some place. The Axés determines the quality and the competency of a temple. Without Axé, it becomes impossible to accomplish rituals of consecration. The Axés are cared for by the Iyalaxés.

BABÁ - He who reveals. In being translated into the Portuguese language, the term Babá took on the sense of Father or Mother. Nevertheless, in Templo Guaracy, Babá is not synonymous with creator. Its attributes speak of respect to the profound knowledge of the tradition. This knowledge permits him/her to direct the initiatic processes.

BABALORIXÁ - Ritualistic director of temples with African influence. Presides over the initiate rites and facilitates for the initiates the contact with the sacred values. He is, a revealer through Nature, a protector of "Axés."

BABALOSSAIM - Medium initiated in the fundamentals of liturgical herbs utilized by the tradition. Beyond the ritualistic knowledge, his attributes extend to the maintenance of equilibrium between the herbs used and their replacement in Nature. This "specialization" demands that the initiate has Ossãe as one of his Orixás.

BAIANO (A) (Native of Bahia) - Popular term used to denominate Spiritual Guides holders of the highest relative consciousness of the fundamentals of Agriculture. State of Consciousness developed starting from the understanding of the phenomenon of the Fertility. The Wisdom of the ones who know how to plant. The Need of the ones that harvest.

BALÉ - House of the Souls or "Ilê Saim". Time of understanding between the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one.

BOIADEIRO (COWBOY)- Popular term used to denominate Spiritual Guides endowed with the highest Conscience that allows Man to establish a good relationship with the Animals. Stabilizing Consciousness. It propitiates the perfect balance between Ori and the own individual's Orô. It is the maternal principle generator of Tolerance.