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"Our world is the
size of what we can
fell and perceive"
Carlos Buby

Templo Guaracy

Art is defined as a means for the expression and communication of inspiration, ideas and emotions. It is a pathway of the soul for exploring the human condition and an approach to the appreciation of beauty and grace. Often, art is made with the intention of stimulating the human mind and senses. It is a way of coming into contact with the divine, unifying the body-mind-spirit connection and transmitting this unity into our culture of today.

Escola Guaracyana do Artes Populares, also known as EGAP, Temple of the Arts, was founded by Babalorixa Carlos Buby of Templo Guaracy do Brazil, in July 2006. Nestled under the Redwoods of California, EGAP is an international project of Temple Guaracy, dedicated to the study, development, creation and preservation of all forms and expressions of Art. Its main purpose is to provide education, experience, opportunity and performance to the Artist and community regardless of ability or age. It is the vision of EGAP to expand this project to each of the Temple Guaracy's worldwide, with each Temple designing and implementing its own modality of artistic sense.

Currently EGAP offers classes and workshops in Sacred Movement, Afro Brazilian Popular Dance at it’s home site in Occidental California lead by Coordinator of this project, Leah Sue Weiss.